Sandhill Cranes in water
Wyman Meintzer, USFWS
Sandhill Cranes


Each year, millions of birds journey from their breeding and staging habitats on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to our backyards, parks and wildlife refuges. Their migrations take them to each of the 50 states, and they cross great oceans and follow distant coastlines to reach the lands and waters of six continents.

Unfortunately, attempts to open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, threatening the birds and wildlife that rely on this rich habitat, continue to surface in Congress. The coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge represents only five percent of Alaska's North Slope, most of which is available for oil and gas development. Allowing oil drilling in the coastal plain would destroy this untouched and undeveloped coastline that is so important to birds that might migrate through habitats near your home.

That's another reason why protecting the Arctic Refuge from oil drilling is important -- not just to save one of America's last pristine wildlife areas, but also to save migratory birds right in your area. Look at the variety of Arctic birds that migrate your way:

Alabama - Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Alaska - Redpoll
Arizona - Fox Sparrow
Arkansas - Mallard
California - Snow Goose
Colorado - Bohemian Waxwing
Connecticut - Greater Scaup
Delaware - Black-bellied Plover
Florida - Peregrine Falcon
Georgia - Gray-checked Thrush
Hawaii - Wandering Tattler
Idaho - Short-eared Owl
Illinois - Northern Flicker
Indiana - Dark-eyed Junco
Iowa - Sharp-shinned Hawk
Kansas - Smith's Longspur
Kentucky - Merlin
Louisiana - Long-billed Dowitcher
Maine - Least Sandpiper
Maryland - Tundra Swan
Massachusetts - American Golden-Plover
Michigan - Oldsquaw
Minnesota - Red-throated Loon
Mississippi - Norther Waterthrush
Missouri - American Pipit
Montana - Golden Eagle
Nebraska - Wilson's Warbler
Nevada - Green-winged Teal
New Hampshire - Dunlin
New Jersey - Canvasback
New Mexico - Sandhill Crane
New York - Semipalmated Sandpiper
North Carolina - Semipalmated Plover
North Dakota - Rough-legged Hawk
Ohio - American Tree Sparrow
Oklahoma - Savannah Sparrow
Oregon - Brant
Pennsylvania - Lapland Longspur
Rhode Island - Horned Grebe
South Carolina - Ruddy Turnstone
South Dakota - Northern Shrike
Tennessee - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Texas - White-fronted Goose
Tennessee - Yellow-rumped Warbler
Vermont - Snow Bunting
Utah - White-crowned Sparrow
Virginia - Lesser Scaup
Washington - Varied Thrush
West Virginia - Rusty Blackbird
Wisconsin - Wilson's Snipe
Wyoming - Townsend's Solitaire