Clean Water Restoration Act

Aramburu Island Erosion

Legislation supported by Audubon, the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007 (HR 2421 and SR 870), would restore the traditional scope of protections intended by Congress and confirm Congressional intent to restore the regulatory status quo prior to the Supreme Court rulings. Specifically, the legislation would:


  1. Adopt a statutory definition of "waters of the United States" based on the longstanding definition in EPA's (40 CFR 122.2) and the Corps' regulations (33 CFR 328.3);<br><br>
  2. Delete the word "navigable" from the Act to clarify that the Clean Water Act is principally intended to protect the nation's waters from pollution, and not just maintain navigability;<br><br>
  3. Make findings that provide the basis for Congress's assertion of constitutional authority over the nation's waters, as defined in the Act, including so-called "isolated" waters, headwater streams, small rivers, ponds, lakes and wetlands.


Download our Clean Water Recovery Act fact sheet (bottom of the page) for more information on 2006 Supreme Court cases and briefings regarding the Clean Water Act (38 kb PDF).


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