Climate Change Powerpoint Presentation

Fiery smokestacks

Audubon is working hard to spread the word about the importance of curbing greenhouse gas pollution so we can avoid the worst impacts of global warming. There is much that can be done in our homes, in our local and state governments, and of course in Congress.

One of the tools we've developed to help educate communities about the importance of reducing our emissions is a global warming powerpoint presentation. You'll find links below for two versions--a longer version that focuses on impacts and science and a shorter version based on the same material but with a strong focus on solutions.

Poll after poll shows that people understand that global warming is a problem, but they are not sure what they can do about it. The shorter, solutions version of the powerpoint presentation helps everyone understand the various roles they can play, and the many different tools and resources available to make a difference on global warming. We suggest you start with the smaller slide presentation and adapt it to your audience and your locale by adding relevant slides from the longer presentation.

We've also included a presenter's guide with each version, along with tips for an effective presentation.

  • Long Version (125 slides) 11.9MB Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Long Version Presenter's Guide 1.2MB PDF
  • Short Version (53 slides) 9.8MB Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Short Version Presenter's Guide 855kb PDF
  • Tips for Giving a Global Warming Powerpoint 150kb PDF


Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files. Microsoft Powerpoint is required to edit the Powerpoint presentations. However, you can download the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer to see the presentations on your computer:

Powerpoint Viewer for Windows | Powerpoint Viewer for Macintosh

If you would like more information about the powerpoint presentation, or would prefer to receive the presentation on a CD, please contact