Watch Sagebrush Videos (see video links, right):

  • Sagebrush Initiative Overview. Brian Rutledge, Executive Director of Audubon Wyoming, describes how vital sagebrush habitat is, not only to sage-grouse, but great herds seen in Yellowstone National Park during the summer -Pronghorn antelope, elk and moose -which winter in sagebrush terrain. Video by William Everitt
  • What the Heck is a Lek? Inspiring dances by Native Americans, and drawing bird watchers from around the globe, every spring sage-grouse males display for the females in an ancient ritual ground known as a lek, creating sounds audible two miles away.
  • Interviews: Dave Freudenthal (WY Governor) and Brian Rutledge (Audubon VP of Rocky Mountain Region) are interviewed about newly announced changes to Bureau of Land Management leasing policies in Wyoming - offering fresh hope for the survival of the imperiled Greater Sage-Grouse and enhanced protection for other wildlife that share the western sagebrush ecosystem.
  • Five-minute video on Sagebrush BioBlitz made possible by a TogetherGreen Innovation Grant.