Speak out for Solutions to Climate Change

Climate Change Calls For Bold Action

Global warming is the defining environmental challenge of our time. Serious effects are already being observed worldwide.

Experts believe that achieving 60-80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 -- with an interim cut of 15-20% by 2020 -- is crucial to avoiding even more dire consequences. Help spur political action now. And do your part with energy saving measures in your everyday life.

For years, there was a leadership void in Washington, DC, on these issues. But the Obama Administration and new Congressional leadership are promising long overdue action to address the crisis.

Lawmakers should move quickly to adopt mandatory measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They should also promote energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation that will serve as a "down payment" toward the goal of a 60-80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. You can help keep the momentum going by speaking out.

America has the technical know-how and entrepreneurial spirit to take on the climate crisis by investing in new technologies. Solutions like solar and properly sited wind power can produce clean energy and create green jobs. In addition, by improving energy efficiency, we can reduce our dependence on oil and get on a path to greater energy independence.

Audubon members and supporters have a unique opportunity to play a critical role in this new Congress. You can participate by joining our Audubon Action Center.